Why I choose to speak up for the unborn!

I believe now is the time to just say NO to the national holocaust of killing innocent babies. It is a National Shame. I believe it is time to lend those with no voice, our voice. To give value to the silent innocent who have been condemned in the highest court in the land, without being given the opportunity to stand trial and defend their right to be born and experience a full life. I must stand up for them. I can no longer idly stand by and wait for some other brave soul to do something as simple as signing a petition that will the legalized slaughter and murder of our most precious treasure…Our children.

  • Our Strategy is a simple one and does not require much initially, and won’t require much in the later stages.
  1. Step 1). If you have any compassion for these defenceless babies in their most vulnerable state (i.e. unseen and unheard in their mother’s womb)  then take a five minute break out of your very important schedule and say so; by signing up to OneVoiceRising.Com
  2. Step 2). Ask five other people if they would be willing to sign up at OneVoiceRising.Com and to then sign up 5 more compassionate people.
  3. Step 3). Please consider donating the cost of a Starbucks coffee to the cause of Stop the Holocaust @ OneVoiceRising.com
  4. My goal is 100 million people to say no to this National disgrace. It’s time for the good people of this country to stand together and say no to such disgusting evil and wickedness.

Like the saying from Sir Edmund Burke;

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Sir Edmund Burke

We need momentum and we need good people to do the minimum and at least raise their hand and say “I’m in”.

Will you be noted as one of the good people that these babies need to turn the tide that has prevailed against them since 1973?

If we stiffen our spine and lock our arms, we will be responsible for the rescue of millions.

Will you offer your support and Join OneVoiceRising.com?

Thank you for truly doing a good deed for the day, but will last much longer than for a day. This good deed will last for generations to come. And those that you spoke up to release will forever thank you.

Here are some links to some very good movies with basic characteristics necessary for anyone considering the act of heroism. The Scarlet Pimpernel , The edge of Darkness with Errol Flynn (an excellent choice) and then finally the story of Dietrich Bonhoeffer in documentary form. (He was the first pastor to stand against the evil of Nazi Germany)

And for a nice discussion on planned parenthood (i.e. premeditated murder) I give you Ben


Let us stand together.

Daniel Nokovich